Engagement Groups

The EG involves around 900 business representatives and connects the business community to the G20 governments to propose public policies.


The EG is a city diplomacy initiative, with the aim of promoting recommendations to the G20 on economic, climate and development agendas in cities.

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The aim of the EG is to exchange ideas on legal themes of current relevance in order to establish a global forum for entities or bodies of constitutional jurisdiction.


The EG aims to involve parliaments to strengthen global collaboration and ensure the practical application of international agreements in G20 member countries.


By developing innovative solutions, the EG aims to ensure that world leaders are attentive to the recommendations and demands of organized civil society.

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The EG is a forum that establishes an open dialog between the various stakeholders in the startup and technology ecosystem, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.


The main objective of the EG is to produce, debate, consolidate and present innovative ideas on how to tackle current and emerging challenges that can be treated by the G20.

The EG seeks to promote transparency and effectiveness in global governance by strengthening cooperation between the Supreme Audit Institutions of the G20 countries.

Brings together experts and academics to highlight the importance of science, by proposing that scientific evidence contributes to efficient solutions in areas such as health, environment, and technological innovation. 

Represents the voice and perspectives of youth. Involves leaders and activists in discussing global issues and promotes intergenerational inclusion in policies.

Focuses on gender issues and represents women in debates. Promotes gender equality and addresses specific challenges faced by women worldwide. 

Represents workers, addresses employment concerns, labor rights, and advocates for fair working conditions to be considered in discussions. 


The GE focuses on ocean issues and promotes marine sustainability and the sustainable use of its resources.