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Think Tanks (T20)

The T20 produces, discusses, consolidates and presents ideas on how to face current and emerging challenges that may be addressed by the Group of 20. The T20 brings together think tanks, G20 research institutes and countries invited by the rotating presidency.


About the T20

The T20 differs from other engagement groups in that it does not address a specific topic, but contributes to several of them. National and international think tanks are invited to contribute in a variety of formats — by participating in T20 conferences and meetings, organizing side events and submitting Policy Briefs. The latter present information based on current scientific research and suggestions for actions to contribute to discussions on public policies, and inform and influence G20 guidelines, recommendations and final statements.

The T20 Brasil organizing committee selected six topics to be addressed by six task forces:

Combating inequality, poverty and hunger;
Sustainable climate action and inclusive and fair energy transitions;
Reform of international financial architecture;
Trade and investment for sustainable and inclusive growth;
Inclusive digital transformation;
Strengthening multilateralism and global governance.

The topics are part of a transversal dialogue with the priorities of the Brazilian presidency, and with other topics that are traditionally addressed in the T20 in successive presidencies and relevant to the G20. The T20 brings together think tanks and research institutes from the G20 and countries invited by the rotating presidency.


The T20 was established during the Mexican presidency in 2012, and has adopted different formats over the last 11 years, with increasing involvement from think tanks and research institutes. Since the German presidency in 2017, the T20 has produced more structured recommendations and Policy Briefs and sought to influence and dialogue with the Finance and Sherpa tracks.

Researchers from Brazilian think tanks — such as Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada/IPEA), the Brazilian Center for International Relations (Centro Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais/CEBRI; the Climate and Society Institute (Instituto Clima e Sociedade) and Plataforma Cipó, among others — took part in T2 task forces and/or events/conferences or otherwise contributed to Policy Briefs since the inception of the engagement group.

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