Slogan and Logo

With a fluid representation of the nations that are part of the G20 — through the diversity of member countries’ flag colors —, the Brazilian presidency’s logo highlights the dynamism and multilateralism with which Brasil approaches global issues.

In an organic and striking way, the logo presents global cooperation, the relationship of mutual respect, and the collaboration between the leaders of member countries.  The resulting symbol is the stylized map of Brasil, the nation that now takes on the group's rotational presidency.

More than a motto, the slogan “Building a just world and a sustainable planet” expresses Brasil's commitment and desire to promote fair agreements that promote global economic and social development.  It also highlights the Brazilian motto for this mandate: the reduction of hunger, poverty and inequality worldwide, as well as socio-environmental development that includes a fair and inclusive ecological transition.

The idea is to represent the commitment to a more equitable governance model — in which trade agreements can promote both economic prosperity and fuller social inclusion.