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Business (B20)

The Business 20 (B20) connects the business community with G20 governments. The group includes around 900 business representatives and proposes — to the G20 — policy recommendations prepared by task forces meeting virtually over the presidential term.


About the B20

The B20 Brasil is organized by the country's National Confederation of Industry (Confederação Nacional da Indústria/CNI), and has established seven task forces and an action council — all of them focused on specific areas that reiterate the “Inclusive Growth for a Sustainable Future” motto. Likewise, the B20 Brasil's discussions and recommendations are based on five central axes:

Promoting inclusive growth and combating hunger, poverty and inequality;
Promoting a fair transition to zero net greenhouse gas emissions;
Increasing productivity through innovation;
Promoting the resilience of global value chains; and
Valuing human capital.

The areas include trade and investment; employment and education; digital transformation; energy transition and climate; finance and infrastructure; integrity and compliance; sustainable food systems and agriculture; as well as women, diversity and business inclusion.

The B20 Brasil is focused mainly on preparing and presenting documents that contain public policy recommendations for the G20. Known as Policy Papers, they will be presented at the final B20 Brazil summit — to be held at a date close to the final G20 summit. In the Brazilian edition, the process is being structured to deliver priority recommendations in July 2024 during the third G20 Sherpa meeting.


The B20 officially met for the first time at the Toronto summit in 2010, in an effort to deal with the effects of the 2008 economic crisis. The G20 reformulated itself during this period, and part of this reformulation was the strengthening of dialogue with the private sector.

Brasil has taken part in the B20 since the beginning, through the strategic leadership of the National Confederation of Industry. In the last edition,the B20 India counted on ample Brazilian participation — which included nine business leaders. During more than a decade of activity, the B20 has established itself as an influential group on the G20 agenda, contributing to the private sector perspective and working to bring concrete legacies to the priorities of each edition.

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