Social Participation

Supreme Courts and Constitutional Courts (J20)

The J20 exchanges ideas and initiatives concerning contemporary legal topics in order to establish a global forum for constitutional jurisdiction bodies.

About the J20

In the context of Brasil's G20 presidency in 2024, its Supreme Federal Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal/STF) is going to organize the J20 alongside supreme court presidents from all G20 countries, the European Union and the African Union, as guests. The idea is to advance multilateral and bilateral cooperation projects around the following central topics:

Promoting citizenship and social inclusion by the Judiciary;
Climate litigation and sustainable development;
Digital transformation and technology for the efficiency of justice.


The first J20 meeting took place in 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, based on the conclusions that were reached in Hamburg, Germany, during the G20 meeting held the previous year. The agenda included discussions on rights and justice; sustainable development; strengthening the rule of law; judicial reform; global democracy and global markets; justice and gender; and the role of justice against drug trafficking.