G20 Comics

Issues like climate change, sustainability, employment, the global economy, and combating inequalities, hunger, and poverty, which are at the center of global discussions, can also be approached in a simple and fun way. The G20 Comics proposes to do this through a partnership between the G20 and May Solimar, a publicist, designer, illustrator, and comic strip artist. May's comic strips portrays everyday scenes from the perspective of a Black mother who lives in São Paulo, one of Brasil's largest cities. The strips bring awareness about issues like social, race and gender inequalities, climate change, and human rights, all of which figure among the priorities of Brazil's G20 Presidency.

May Solimar is a Black woman, mother, publicist, designer, illustrator, and comic strip artist. Her art often addresses racial, social, and gender issues, aiming to highlight situations and narratives that provoke reflection and stir debate. In 2023, she participated in a debate on 'Black Comics' ('Quadrinhos Negros') at the AfroBrasil Museum. In 2024, she took part in a debate about 'Arts, Activism, and Inequalities' promoted by OXFAM Brasil. She worked as a comic strip artist at Alma Preta Jornalismo from 2023 to 2024. Her illustrations have appeared on the covers and pages of various literary works and Afrofuturistic comic books.

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N. 4 - 06/17/2024

N. 3 - 06/10/2024

N. 2 - 06/03/2024

N. 1 - 05/27/2024