G20 Brasil and Voz das Comunidades partnership: the favelas’ perspective introduced to the world

G20 Brasil’s Communications team established a partnership with Voz das Comunidades to divulge and echo the perspectives of favelas and peripheries on pressing themes such as climate change and the fight against inequalities – two priorities for the Brazilian presidency of the forum of the world’s largest economies. Content created by favela residents will have a dedicated page on the G20 Brasil website.

07/08/2024 7:00 AM - Modified 4 days ago
Favela da Rocinha, no Rio de Janeiro. Foto: Divulgação
Rocinha Favela in Rio de Janeiro. Picture: Promotion

Starting today (08), the G20 Brasil website will offer a special space dedicated to news and articles produced by favela and periphery residents addressing issues that directly impact these populations in a cruel and unequal manner. The distinctive aspect of this space is that its contents will be produced inside the favelas, based on the reality and perspective of individuals who live their daily lives in these communities.

Pressing issues such as climate change and the fight against inequality — two priorities for the Brazilian presidency of the forum of the world’s largest economies— among other issues that affect these populations (which, according to Voz das Comunidades, reach up to 10% of the total population of Brasil), will be addressed.

The announcement of the partnership with G20 Brasil coincides with the launch of F20, which takes place today (08), in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of leaders from various favelas in the city. The Favelas 20 integrates the social context of the G20 Social with the purpose of expanding its social participation base, ensuring the involvement of favela movements in the decision-making processes of the group, and connecting the communities with global leaders and G20 agendas.

The F20 is structured in five working groups (WGs) focused on specific areas, which include:

1. Fight against Inequalities, Poverty, and Hunger and Mental Health Promotion.
2. Access to Drinking Water, Basic Sanitation, and Personal Hygiene.
3. Combat against the Climate Crisis and Promotion of a Just Energy Transition.
4. Combat against the risk of natural disasters.
5. Transformation and Digital and Cultural Inclusion.

These working groups aim to address critical issues that favela communities face and to promote inclusive and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of their residents.

The F20 recommendations will be forwarded to the competent Brazilian authorities and delivered during the G20 Social Summit, which will take place from November 14 to 16 in Rio de Janeiro.

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