The Anticorruption Working Group will formulate anticorruption principles and standards to strengthen the implementation of the main international instruments, particularly the United Nations Convention against Corruption.  The advancement of justice, the reduction of inequalities and the promotion of sustainable development at all levels are transversal values of the priority issues of this front. 

About the WG

One of the goals of the WG is to include in the agenda topics that are relevant for the anticorruption efforts of the international community, and in which the leadership of G20 can provide significant contributions. The WG will also seek to establish the basis for its activities in the coming years by elaborating its 2025-2027 Action Plan.

The advancement of justice, the reduction of inequalities and the promotion of sustainable development at all levels are transversal values of the thematic priorities of the Working Group, which will have the following priority goals:

1 - Contribute to a fair world and a sustainable planet through the promotion of integrity and of anticorruption mechanisms; 
2 - Incentivize the private sector to adopt comprehensive and converging measures of integrity and to combat corruption;
3 - Improve the institutional organization of public administration in order to strengthen public integrity;
4 - Use all the available tools to recover assets, exploring direct measures in foreign jurisdictions and ensuring national coordination for an efficient recovery of assets. 

Highlight to the first item, which represents a unique opportunity to approach the relations between environmental and social sustainable development, the promotion of integrity, anticorruption policies and programs, serving as a focal area to the declaration that will be adopted during the ministerial meeting on the subject, which will be held in 2024.  The Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General (CGU), representing the Brazilian government, will be responsible for leading the actions of the Working Group during the next year, with the support of various other agencies. France will hold the co-presidency of the group. 

The Brazilian presidency will draw from the solid work foundation of WGAC, developed throughout the last 13 years, including the numerous documents, studies, reports and high-level principles produced by the group. In addition to developing principles to guide the actions of the G20 countries and the international community in their efforts to prevent and combat corruption, the WGAC also promotes the interchange of experiences and good practices.  

In 2024, the WGAC will maintain its traditional structure, holding three meetings at the technical level and one at the ministerial level.  In addition to the ministerial declaration, the expected outcomes of the work of the WGAC include a high-level principles document, a report on the activities developed by the member-states regarding previously made commitments, a conceptual note, as well as parallel events. 

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