Fighting the spread of fake news in the focus of the G20

The need to hold digital platforms accountable and to strengthen international actions against disinformation among G20 countries were topics addressed by the Secretary of Digital Policies in an interview with foreign correspondents on Monday (18).

03/19/2024 1:09 PM
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Concern about the spread of fake news and the responsibility of digital platforms in distributing this content to the population is one of the central themes of the G20 Digital Economy Working Group. The statement was made by the Secretary of Digital Policies of the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic. 

For Brant, it is necessary to act along four lines of action to prevent the spread of disinformation: guaranteeing regulation - by making digital platforms responsible for the circulation of illegal and harmful content, introducing media education strategies, strengthening professional journalism and expanding public policies focused on distributing correct information to the population.

The fight against disinformation and hate speech is a central theme of the Brazilian G20 presidency's agenda to promote the integrity of information in the digital environment. On April 30 and May 1, the event ”Information integrity: combating disinformation, hate speech and threats to democracy" will take place, promoted by the Digital Economy WG, with the presence of world-renowned names on the subject of information integrity. The seminar follows on from NETMundial+10

"This issue is of interest to all the G20 countries, it's of interest to all those who are looking at the need to protect and promote rights in the international environment. It is necessary to combine domestic solutions with global solutions that can be worked on in the multilateral environment and therefore strengthen international action on this issue," said the secretary. 

This was the third online meeting with foreign press correspondents based in the country, with the aim of clarifying the issues addressed during Brasil's presidency of the G20.

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