The Tourism Working Group's priority is to establish the promotion of sustainable development in the tourism sector, with actions involving qualification and capacity with a focus on international cooperation and the strengthening of multilateral institutions.

About the WG

Sustainable development has been a priority on the G20 agenda and investment in international cooperation and the strengthening of multilateral institutions can mitigate asymmetries in the tourism sector and promote sustainable, inclusive and innovative practices in the sector.

The WG intends to realize an integrated work with the G20 Finance Track, with the intention of seeking guidance on tourism financing and multilateral banks, with the objective of strengthening the sector as a vector of socio-economic development. 

The online platform of good practices and the Panel of Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of G20 are important tools for monitoring progress and boosting tourism's contribution to the SDGs. Brasil has actively participated in the discussions and contributed to the development of the sector in the G20 countries.

History of the WG

Tourism plays a fundamental role in the global economy, contributing significantly to GDP and job creation. In 2022, the sector represented 7.6% of the world's GDP and employed almost 296 million people.

The first meeting of G20 Tourism ministers occurred in 2010, convened by the South African government, when it was called T20. That same year, under the South Korean presidency, the second meeting was held to discuss the sector's contribution to economic growth and job creation.

According to the G20 Panel on Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals, the G20 countries represent 74% of international arrivals and 73% of tourism-related exports in 2022.