Task Force for a Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty

Task Force for a Global Alliance against Hunger and Poverty

This Task Force for a Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty was proposed by Brasil's G20 presidency, and will focus on establishing a Global Alliance to raise resources and knowledge for implementation of public policies and social technologies that are proven to be effective in reducing hunger and poverty around the world. Adherence to the Global Alliance will be open not only to G20 members, but to all interested countries.

About the Task Force

During the G20 Summit in New Delhi, Brasil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced that a Task Force to establish the Global Alliance was to be created. Its main commitment is to reverse setbacks in achieving Sustainable Development Goals 1 (poverty eradication) and 2 (zero hunger and sustainable agriculture). During Brasil's G20 presidency, discussions will be held with key partners to advance issues concerning Alliance operation, pillars, and general governance.

According to a recent Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, in 2022 the number of people suffering from hunger in the world increased by 122 million when compared to 2019, before Covid-19. Brasil is extensively experienced and internationally renowned for its income transfer policies and poverty and inequality reduction programs — such as Bolsa-Família, which benefits more than 55 million people in the country.

The Global Alliance against Hunger and Poverty is to be launched alongside the G20 Summit in November 2024, with the heads of state of the countries that choose to take part in the Alliance (G20 and others).

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