The G20 Health Working Group addresses relevant issues of global health and drives international cooperation and coordinated action, including the construction of resilient health systems, with an emphasis on reducing inequalities.

About the WG

The Health Working Group of the G20, under the Brazilian Presidency, focuses on building resilient health systems to achieve Sustainable Development Goals; strengthening inclusive, efficient, and quality national health systems, with emphasis on primary health care. To help achieve these goals, the group has established the following priorities:

1. Prevention, Preparedness, and Response to Pandemics, with a focus on local and regional production of medicines, vaccines, and strategic health supplies;
2.  Digital Health, for the expansion of telehealth, integration, and analysis of data from national health systems;
3.  Health Equity;
4.  Climate Change and Health.

Brazil's main proposal for the G20 Health WG is to establish the creation of an Alliance for Regional Production and Innovation. This initiative aims to establish a network that brings together key actors, including countries, academia, private sector, and international organizations, for research and development and production of vaccines, medicines, diagnostics, and strategic supplies to combat diseases with strong social determinants and that mainly affect vulnerable populations, such as dengue, malaria, tuberculosis, Chagas disease, and leprosy. Additionally, parallel events on digital health (telehealth and artificial intelligence) and high-level events on climate change, with a focus on equity and One Health, will be held.


The G20 Health Working Group was created by the German Presidency in 2017 and has since discussed the most relevant topics in global health, including health emergency preparedness, antimicrobial resistance, digital health, and local and regional production of vaccines, medicines, and diagnostics. In 2021, during the Italian Presidency, the Joint Task Force on Finance and Health was established as part of the Finance Track, to strengthen global collaboration and cooperation among ministries on issues related to prevention, preparedness, and response to pandemics.

The Ministry of Health coordinates the group.

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