Energy Transitions

The Energy Transitions Working Group's priority is to debate the global transition scenario towards the use of clean and sustainable energy sources and the paths towards a fair, accessible and inclusive energy transition.

About the WG

The themes discussed as priorities during India's presidency, in 2023, were: fuels for the future, low-cost financing for the energy transition and the energy transition through the energy gap approach.

Universal access to clean energy was also highlighted, ways to a just, accessible and inclusive energy transition, energy security and diversification of chains of supply/provide, energy efficiency and low-carbon industrial transitions and responsible consumption.

For 2024, the main themes will be: the just and inclusive energy transition, how to accelerate the financing of the energy transitions, the social dimension of the energy transition and the perspectives of sustainable fuel innovation.

History of the WG

The second meeting of the WG occurred on April 2 and 3, 2023. The group meeting was held in the Indian city of Gandhinagar and discussed the development of policies and strategies to support the global transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. In September 2023, Brasil assumed the co-chairmanship of the Management Committee of the Clean Energy Ministerial (Ministerial de Energia Limpa, in free translation), One of the leading international forums for collaboration for the promotion of the world's clean energy.

Also in September, the Global Alliance for Biofuels was launched, which was attended by President Lula, in a ceremony held on the sidelines of the G20 Summit. The initiative, which has the participation of the world's three main biofuel producers - Brasil, United States and India -, brings together 19 countries and 12 international organizations with the goal of expanding technical and technological cooperation aimed at the expansion of biofuels, the decarbonization of the transport sector and the energy transition.

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