Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction

Photo: Joédson Alves/Agência Brasil
Photo: Joédson Alves/Agência Brasil

The Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction tackles critical global issues related to crisis and disaster management. It fulfills a pivotal role in fostering resilience, risk prevention and mitigation among its member countries.

About de WG

The WG was established by the G20 countries to address the imperative for proactive risk management and disaster reduction. Through this initiative, the G20 countries aim to implement comprehensive and collaborative strategies to safeguard the safety and well-being of their populations, while concurrently fostering sustainable development and resilience in anticipation of future challenges. The priorities of the working group are in alignment with key international structures such as the Sendai Framework, the New Urban Agenda, the Paris Agreement, and the 2030 Agenda.

Brasil´s Priorities

Combating inequalities and reducing vulnerabilities;

Global coverage of early warning systems;

Infrastructures resilient to disasters and climate change;

Financing strategies for disaster risk reduction;

Disaster recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in case of disasters

Sustainable Development: Through the integration of risk reduction and disaster management into the G20 agenda, the working group actively promotes sustainable development. Effective risk management strategies serve not only to safeguard lives and properties but also to preserve socio-economic progress, ensuring the continuity of productive activities and long-term sustainability.

Quick and Coordinated Response: The establishment of the working group facilitates the development and improvement of mechanisms for swift and coordinated responses. When confronted with natural disasters or emergency crises, the exchange of information and coordination among G20 countries accelerates the mobilization of resources, rescue teams, and humanitarian assistance, thereby mitigating adverse impacts on affected regions.

Innovation and Research: The G20 leverages this group to foster innovation and research in risk reduction and disaster management. Through the sharing of scientific and technological expertise, nations collaborate on the development of advanced solutions for predicting, preventing, and managing emergency situations, thus advancing best practices in this field.

Global Awareness: The G20 Disaster Risk Reduction Group plays a vital role in raising global awareness about the significance of disaster preparedness. By emphasizing these issues on a global leadership platform, it fosters a culture of prevention and effective response, encouraging active societal participation in the development of more resilient communities.

In summary, the G20 Disaster Risk Reduction Group plays a fundamental role in promoting global security, disaster prevention, and the development of more resilient societies. Its presence and actions underscore the acknowledgment of the urgency and strategic importance of these issues in the international context.