Finance Track

Joint Task Force on Finance and Health

The Joint Task Force on Finance and Health was conceived in 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a forum to enhance global dialogue and cooperation on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR) in alignment with the One Health Approach and World Health Organization (WHO) priorities and objectives.

The Task Force receives assistance from its Secretariat, based at WHO and with support from the World Bank. Since its inception, the Task Force has been proactive in providing practical solutions to global health issues. Specifically, it facilitated the discussion that led to the creation in 2022 of the Pandemic Fund (Financial Intermediary Fund based at the World Bank) — focused on strengthening the capacities of low- and middle-income countries. Furthermore, under the Indian presidency, the group developed in 2023 a Pandemic Economic Vulnerabilities and Risks Framework (FEVR) and a report on Mapping Financing Options and Gaps for Pandemic Response.