Youth Press interviews Nobel Peace Prize laureate and ChatGPT representative from Latin America

What questions would you ask a Nobel Peace Prize winner? Imprensa Jovem's young journalists covered the G20 Information Integrity event in São Paulo, covering topics like cyberbullying and the use of artificial intelligence in schools.

06/06/2024 5:06 PM
Student Gabriele concentrated during the interview, under the watchful eye of her classmates and Imprensa Jovem coordinator Carlos Lima. Photo: Audiovisual/G20

What question would you ask to a Nobel Peace Prize winner? If you are not aware, the young reporters from Imprensa Joven did not hesitate. The children had an exclusive interview with journalist and writer Maria Ressa while covering the G20 side event on Information Integrity, part of the Digital Economy Working Group discussions.

How could social media and technology be better used to combat cyberbullying and promote a safer and healthier environment? That was the question put to the 2021 Nobel Prize winner.

The event brought together researchers, activists, businesspeople as well as national and international authorities in São Paulo, to advance the mapping of information integrity initiatives in the G20 countries and develop strategies to address digital challenges. It was a bold proposal for debate in the forum of the world's largest economies, and the little reporters paid close attention, having already researched the topics and planned the interviews.

In addition to the interview with Ressa, co-founder of the journalistic website Rappler, which emerged in the context of reaffirming freedom of information in her native Philippines, Young Press' coverage explored other topics at the event and interviewed other renowned participants. Among them, the Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the United Nations, Melissa Fleming; the Public Policy Representative for Latin America at OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, Nicolas Robinson; and the Minister of Indigenous Peoples of Brasil, Sonia Guajajara.

All the interviews have been compiled in a special playlist with the G20 Brasil coverage project, which at the beginning of the year premiered with an interview with Russia's Finance Minister.

"Promoting information integrity: combating misinformation, hate speech and threats to public institutions online" was held by the Communications Secretariat of the Brazilian Presidency of the Republic (Secom/PR) in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The G20 Brasil coverage of the event can be accessed in full through this website.

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