The hour and turn of youth in the G20: Youth 20 presents Brazilian delegates

A quintet of heavyweights, with resumes that many older professionals can only aspire to. From UN Ambassadors to participants in the World Economic Forum and researchers at IPEA — these are just a glimpse of the credentials held by Youth 20 representatives, underscoring that the time for the youth is not tomorrow, but right now.

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In addition to their participation, the delegates are also expected to elaborate proposals and documents, and produce reports and content for the social networks linked to their lines of action. Image: Disclosure/Youth 20

The Youth 20 (Y20) is one of the 13 engagement groups of the G20 Social, representing young people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life in the G20 since 2010. This year, under the Brazilian Presidency, the Y20 took a significant step to enhance democratic participation: it organized an unprecedented public selection process, prioritizing gender, racial, and regional diversity, to appoint the five young Brazilians who will represent the group at the forum.

The proposal is groundbreaking, carrying the mark of actions and issues brought forth by the youth. It has captivated hundreds of young candidates vying for one of the available positions, which align with this year’s five priority axes of the engagement group. Meet the youth who will follow the G20 until its Summit and learn about their trajectories.

Philippe Diogo da Silva - Eradicating Hunger, Poverty, and Inequality

Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20
Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20

Philippe comes from the outskirts of Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais. Throughout most of his life, he faced food insecurity. His journey highlights the importance of empowering education: with a technical background in Nursing and a teaching license in Biological Sciences, he is currently pursuing a master's degree in Sustainable Development and Extension Projects.

With extensive involvement in initiatives such as establishing community gardens and promoting family farming to enhance food security and nutrition, Philippe now works as an Extension Agent for the National School Feeding Program (PNAE). He is also a member of the Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security Council of Minas Gerais (CONSEA/MG). Additionally, he collaborates with the Traditional Peoples' Food Commission (Catrapovos/MG), a group that advocates for traditional peoples and communities to gain access to institutional markets.

As members of the Brazilian delegation to the Y20, we are committed to amplifying innovative solutions and inclusive policies to ensure dignity and well-being for all Brazilians, especially the most vulnerable, thereby building a more just and egalitarian future for present and future generations," declared Philippe.

Mahryan Rodrigues - Climate Change, Energy Transition, and Sustainable Development

Mahryan Rodrigues is a climate activist who has always viewed social transformation as an ideal. She is a United Nations Youth Ambassador. Raised by a single mother, she received scholarships for several social projects and educational institutions. She graduated in International Relations and pursued postgraduate studies in Human Rights and Social Struggles. Rodrigues is the co-founder and Climate Advocacy director at the Perifa Sustentável Institute. The Institute aims to build a just and inclusive climate agenda focused on climate adaptation, mitigation, and nature-based solutions. She currently works on Project Motyrõ, which aims to implement an agroforest in the Grajaú community, in the far south of São Paulo.

“In this global discussion, we will be responsible for placing our territories — favelas, quilombos, indigenous lands, and traditional communities — at the heart of the conversations. This is based on the understanding that climate justice is achieved through public participation, incentives for scientific initiatives, and substantial political will, ensuring no one is left behind,” stated the internationalist.

Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20
Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20

Leandro Corrêa - Global Governance System Reform

Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20
Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20

At 17, Leandro was selected for a scholarship that enabled low-income youth to participate in an international exchange program. Through this experience, he gained insight into the shared aspirations and concerns of young people from countries like Brasil, particularly those from the Global South. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in International Relations and a master's degree in Latin American Integration from the University of São Paulo (USP). Currently, he serves as a research fellow at the Directorate of International Studies at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) and as a Professor of International Negotiations in the International Relations program at the Catholic University of Brasília.

"Youth representatives at the G20 play a crucial role in contextualizing the development progress within the world's largest economies, while also assessing its sustainability and resilience in light of current challenges and those that may arise in the future. In this capacity, we, the youth of the Global South, bear the responsibility of advancing the reform of the global governance system to ensure that this development model caters to the needs of all peoples," emphasized the professor.

Daniela Costa - Inclusion and Diversity

Daniela's parents hail from the Brazilian state of Piauí. Like many others, they migrated to Brasilia 30 years ago in pursuit of a better life in a movement known as the “Northeastern diaspora”. She currently resides in São Sebastião, a neighborhood located on the outskirts of Brasilia, in the Federal District. Throughout her life, she attended public schools, including the University of Brasília (UnB), where she studied International Relations as a quota student. As one of the few Black students in her field of study, she navigated her academic journey with determination. She holds a master's degree in Law, also from UnB, where her research focused on 'Améfrica' [America + Africa] and explored the Black population of the Americas from a transnational perspective. Presently, Daniela coordinates the networks and advocacy program at Girl Up Brasil, where she works to foster leadership and activism among girls aged 13 to 22, amplifying their voices, life stories, and actions.

“The Y20 provides a platform for the voices of girls, young women, Black and indigenous people, and many others to be heard and make an impact in the formulation of proposals, policies, and strategies, both nationally and globally. We are legal subjects and integral parts of the nations to which we belong,” stated Daniela.

Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20
Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20

Guilherme Manços - Innovation and Future of Labor

Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20
Foto: Divulgação/Youth 20

Born in Roraima, Guilherme is currently pursuing a doctor's degree in Technology and Society from the Technological Federal University of Paraná (UTFPR) and coordinator of the Youth Committee of the 5th National Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation. He is a member of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF) for leaders under 30 years of age. He was one of the 50 youth across the world selected to attend the WEF Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos, where he was the youngest participant in the debates on “Research and Development Disruption”, sharing the space with leaders from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the European Research Council and the Nature magazine. He is also the youngest observer at the Science20 (S20) engagement group.

"It is in Brasil's interest that the Y20 recommendations on Innovation and the Future of Labor are aligned with the 2024-2030 National Strategy on Science, Technology, and Innovation, the new National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence, and the advancement of rights and opportunities for youth in the labor market," emphasized the youth.

The complete profiles of the selected youth are available in this document.

Participation of the quintet

Daniela, Guilherme, Leandro, Mahryan, and Philippe officially met at the Inception Meeting, a virtual gathering of G20 delegates and invited participants. The goal was to present the engagement group's work methodology for the year. The program includes two major face-to-face meetings: the Y20 Pre Summit, scheduled to take place in Belém do Pará from June 17 to 19, and the Y20 Summit, to be held between August 10 and 17 in Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to their involvement in official Youth 20 agendas, the young representatives are also expected to attend other events. Mahryan served as a speaker at the ESG Forum organized by YDUQS in Rio de Janeiro, while Leandro participated in the 'Civil Society: Meeting on the G20 and International Taxation' in Brasília.

The young delegates are also expected to elaborate proposals and documents, and produce reports and content for the social networks linked to their lines of action. They will participate in training sessions offered by Y20 technical partners in order to contribute to the drafting process of the official document that will be delivered to the heads of State in November.