IBGE highlights the role of the Bolsa Família program in combating hunger and poverty

The National Household Sample Survey in Brasil (Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios - PNAD), coordinated by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - IBGE), unveiled in a dedicated study that the Bolsa Família Program diminishes socioeconomic disparities in Brasil, consequently enhancing the overall quality of life for the population.

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G20: Meeting with indigenous peoples as part of the Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty (Photo: Roberta Aline/MDS)
G20: Meeting with indigenous peoples as part of the Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty (Photo: Roberta Aline/MDS)

According to the survey, one in five Brazilian households received the benefit in 2023. The survey also showed that the proportion of homes with at least one beneficiary of the program reached the highest level in the historical series (19%), and the program reduced poverty in early childhood by 91.7%. These findings underscore how effective public policies can mitigate inequalities.

As president of the G20, Brasil is proposing the establishment of a Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty. The Country is recognized as a leader in implementing public policies in this regard, with successful initiatives such as Bolsa Família, Cadastro Único, and the Cisternas Program. In addition to winning international awards and drawing interest from other nations, Brazilian programs have garnered praise worldwide from figures such as former US President Bill Clinton, an advocate of Bolsa Família, and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and president of the Gates Foundation. Gates expressed his admiration for Brasil, emphasizing that the world can learn from its public policies. He specifically highlighted the pivotal role of Bolsa Família, one of several social programs developed in Brasil over the last few decades, in alleviating poverty.

Creation of the Alliance: Brazilian priority

When Brasil took over the Presidency of the G20 last year in New Delhi, India, it prioritized the Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty. This initiative, stemming from President Lula's vision, aims to ensure food and nutritional security, providing at least three meals a day for all Brazilians. The proposal put forth by the Brazilian president directly addresses the daunting reality that 735 million people worldwide suffer from hunger, as reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The Alliance aims to provide a range of social programs from various countries, already implemented and proven effective, such as Bolsa Família and other Brazilian programs. This offer extends not only to members of the G20 but to all nations interested in adopting these successful experiences within their own territories. Nations are tasked with selecting and implementing these programs while also mobilizing financial resources and knowledge from areas of abundance to areas of greatest need. This support is crucial for implementing and scaling up political actions and national programs in each respective country.

To fulfill its objectives, the Alliance is founded on three pillars: national, financial, and knowledge. The first refers to the adoption of effective policies by member countries; the second involves the assembly and alignment of a variety of global and regional funds designed to assist countries in implementing programs to combat hunger and poverty; and the third focuses on establishing a knowledge hub dedicated to promoting technical assistance and facilitating the exchange of experiences among Alliance members.

The structure of the Alliance's text is expected to be finalized during the G20 meeting scheduled to take place in Teresina from May 22nd to 24th. During a meeting in June, the Alliance's founding instruments will be defined and signed. Following this, a ministerial meeting in Rio de Janeiro will announce the founding members, partners, and funding for the launch of the Global Alliance. Finally, in November, the G20 Summit will host the high-level launch of the Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty.

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