Haddad: "Every development plan needs to tackle regional inequality"

03/26/2024 5:27 PM - Modified 2 months ago

At a press conference held during the G20 Finance ministers' meeting in São Paulo, young reporter Vitória Calado, from the São Paulo City Hall's Youth Press project, asked Brasil’s Finance Minister Fernando Haddad about the inclusion of peripheral areas in the G20 debate. The youngster is a student at the Paulo Duarte Municipal Elementary School in São Paulo.

"Any development plan worthy of the name has to tackle the debate on regional inequality, whether in a country or a city," the minister replied. He recalled that, despite being a wealthy city, São Paulo has very poor neighborhoods, places where violence is extreme and residents don't have access to constitutionally established rights. On the other hand, there are places with social indicators comparable to those of any developed country in the world.

Check out the moment when the young reporter attends the press conference, alongside journalists from all over the world, asking the minister a question:

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