Y20 Communique, call on G20 Leaders to adopt policies that lead to sustainable development and positive growth

Y20 assembled from July 17th to 24th in Jakarta and Bandung, proficiently hosted by the Indonesian Presidency, all committed to address the future of youth with respect to prevailing environmental, sustainability, peace, security, inclusion and equity questions. Their work is to deliver a comprehensive and evidence-based policy measures in four priority areas: Sustainable and Livable Planet, Youth Employment, Digital Transformation, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Y20 recognize the importance of building and sustaining peace as a prerequisite for shared development. Moreover, Y20 take into account that ongoing violence and conflicts have implications on food supply, energy security paradigms, global peace architectures and humanitarian affairs.

Y20 call on G20 Leaders to swiftly adopt policies – equitable to the realities of each nation – that lead to sustainable development and positive growth as outlined in their proposals. To see their full Communique, please visit: https://g20.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Y20-Indonesia-2022-Communique.pdf

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