SAI20 Set to Realize Summit Results in 2023

Jakarta, Wednesday (21 September 2022) – A communique containing the agreement amongst the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) leaders of G20 member countries has been produced at the SAI20 Summit in Nusa Dua Bali on 30 August 2022. The SAI leadership thanked the Audit Board (BPK) of the Republic of Indonesia who initiated the formation of SAI20 and fully supported the continuation of SAI20’s work in the G20 Presidency in 2023.

India, one of the G20 countries that were actively involved in the SAI20 summit, agrees with the SAI20 communique and is gearing up to continue the leadership of SAI20 in 2023. In a written statement1), the Indian government said it will assume the G20 Presidency for one year, from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023. The G20 Summit for the heads of state is scheduled to take place from 9 to 10 September 2023 in New Delhi. The Government of India recognizes that the G20 currently consists of one finance track, one sherpa track, and 10 engagement groups in the private sector, civil society, and independent institutions, namely Supreme Audit Institutions 20/SAI20, Business 20, Civil 20, Labor 20, Parliament 20, Science 20, Think 20, Urban 20, Women 20, and Youth 20.

The twelve points of the SAI20 communique were discussed at the SAI20 Summit. It includes an agreement that SAI20 is aware of the importance of various parties’ involvement in responding to global issues. Therefore, SAI20 calls on the governments of G20 member countries to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to carry out various actions, including ensuring an agile health system in an ever-dynamic environment and creating a fair health system while prioritizing availability, distribution, and mobilization of resources and health facilities.

The SAI20 Summit aimed to discuss the real contribution of the G20 member supreme audit institutions, particularly in responding to the urgent need for global governance, transparency, and accountability, especially in the post-pandemic situation to accelerate economic recovery and support the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

SAI20 was formed as a platform for the SAI meeting of G20 member countries with the aims of 1) contributing to G20 Leaders in the areas of transparency, accountability, and good governance and 2) building global partnerships with various stakeholders in the G20 ecosystem and community.

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