Opening the 6th EWG, Ministry of Manpower: The Success of the Working Group is the Success of the G20

Badung– The Ministry of Manpower as the focal point of the Indonesian G20 Presidency in the field of employment launched the 6th meeting of the Employment Working Group (EWG) in Bali, .

In this 6th meeting, the Ministry of Manpower is optimistic that the EWG will approve the formulation of the G20 Minister of Manpower Declaration. Considering that this declaration will be one of the successful determinants in the implementation of the G20 in the field of employment.

“The success of our working group is the success of the G20,” Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower, Anwar Sanusi said in front of the 6th EWG delegates in Badung, Bali, Monday (12/9/2022).

Anwar Sanusi, who serves as Chair of the EWG, said that the discussion went dynamically by taking various current contexts into account. However, the main goal of discussion is being able to recover the economic conditions, especially global employment conditions more quickly, must be prioritized.

“We recognize the differences in the contexts and views throughout the meeting. However, these differences should not hinder the efforts we made, instead they should fuel us to achieve the outputs that we had planned at the beginning of this presidency,” Anwar Sanusi said.

After chairing the first day of the 6th EWG Meeting, Anwar Sanusi explained that this meeting discussed assessment indicators for the implementation of supporting persons with disabilities in accessing the inclusive labor market information. “What the indicators are, what instruments that can be used to conduct assessments, assessment of the extent to which we provide spaces for people with disabilities for them to obtain opportunities especially in the job market,” Anwar Sanusi continued.

Anwar Sanusi explained that Indonesia has had an instrument of partiality to people with disabilities in the world of work through Law Number 18 of 2016 concerning Persons with Disabilities, along with its derivative regulations.

“Another issue addressed is creating sustainable employment opportunities, especially by providing spaces for the MSME and informal sectors, so they can play a role in increasing economic enterprises, as well as employment,” Anwar Sanusi added.

Another matter that was discussed on the first day was efforts to elevate HR competencies in facing the digitalization era and updating the G20 skills strategy. Additionally, this meeting also discussed about vocational training based community.

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