Minister of Communications and Informatics Pushes Bali Package to be a Mutual Agreement

Bali, August 29, 2022 The Fourth Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) Meeting has commenced. The Minister of Communications and Informatics, Johnny G. Plate, encouraged the delegates to agree on the results of the discussion on the issues brought up by the Indonesia’s G20 Presidency for the preparation of the Bali Package document.

“I am grateful that we have discussed the three priority issues of the digital economy working group. I am grateful, we will soon conclude the discussion of the Bali Package document,” he said when opening the 4th DEWG Meeting at the Mulia Resort Hotel, Bali, Monday (August 29).

According to Johnny, in the discussion on Digital Connectivity and Post-Covid-19 Recovery, Indonesia has concluded the concept of people-centered as an extension of human-centered digital connectivity.

“On the second priority issue, the delegates gave a positive response to the efforts made by the Indonesian government in advancing people’s digital skills and digital literacy,” said the Minister of Communications and Informatics.

In fact, G20 members welcomed the toolkit to measure digital skills and digital literacy as well as shared their experiences to increase participation of vulnerable groups in the digital economy. It also includes policy exchanges with advanced digital literacy skills.

As for the third priority issue that focused on discussing free data flow and cross-border data flow, the Minister of Communications  and Informatics encouraged G20 member countries to recognize the importance of unifying principles in data flow governance.

“The Indonesian government proposes a discussion on the principles established such as legal compliance, fairness, transparency, and to some extent, emphasizing the issue of reciprocity,” he explained.

Johnny stated that he had brought together various stakeholders to hold in depth discussion on the future ways to operationalize the free flow of data with trust and cross-border data flow.

“In addition, in the discussion we also highlighted that key enablers are very important in implementing digital identities that are relevant to digital transactions involving personal data,” he said.

In his opening remarks, the Minister of Communications and Informatics also invited delegates to attend the Digital Innovation Network (DIN) of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

“Let me also remind all of you who are present here, the DIN will be held from September 2 to 4, 2022 here, next week. I welcome your presence at the event,” invited Johnny.

Johnny also expressed the seriousness of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency to continue the efforts of the Italian G20 Presidency in discussing data governance (security) in the digital economy sector and sharing support for some tangible results.

“This includes elevating the Digital Economy Task Force (DETF) to a Digital Innovation Network (DIN), the organization of a Digital Transformation Exhibition, and the Smart Village and the Smart Island initiatives. I am very proud that we (Ministry of Communications and Informatics) have worked together to achieve this moment,” he said.

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