The G20 working process changes from year to year. Ministerial meetings, working groups, and other experts’ groups are being determined by the country holding the presidency, aligned with their priority areas and agendas.

Working group meetings are often co-chaired by one advanced and one emerging economy. These meetings take place to provide specific knowledge and recommendations. Working groups also develop deliverables for ministers. Some of these deliverables reach leaders via their personal representatives (sherpas). Leaders are also informed by meetings of finance ministers and central bank governors.

Through the sherpa tracks, 11 working groups, 1 initiative group, and 10 engagement groups meets to discuss and provides recommendation on the G20 agenda and priorities

As part of the G20 process, a particular place is reserved for the “Finance Track”, which includes the meetings held among Finance and Economy Ministers, Central Bank Governors, Vice Ministers and Sherpas (negotiators) designated by the respective economic ministries, mainly focuses on economic, financial, monetary and tax issues.