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The 2nd Meeting of G20 Development Working Group under Indian Presidency concludes successfully at Kumarakom, Kerala

The 2nd Meeting of G20 Development Working Group (DWG) concluded successfully at Kumarakom, Kerala on 9th April, 2023. Over 80 delegates from G20 Members, 9 invitee countries, and various international and regional organizations participated in the meeting being held from 06-09 April 2023. The meeting was chaired by India’s DWG Co-Chairs – Ministry of External Affairs’ Joint Secretaries Mr. Nagaraj K. Naidu and Ms Eenam Gambhir.

The agenda for DWG meeting included discussions on G20’s role in accelerating progress on the SDGs, Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE), Digital Principles and Capacity Building for data for development, green transitions that are globally just, women-led development and enhancing international coordination and partnerships. The discussions of the DWG meetings would feed into the deliberations of the G20 Development Ministerial Meeting which will be held in June this year.

The formal proceedings were inaugurated by Secretary (Economic Relations) of the Ministry of External Affairs, Shri Dammu Ravi. Welcoming delegates to the DWG meeting, Shri Ravi mentioned that India has made efforts to bring the developmental agenda to the centerstage, and as the key track in G20 responsible for development issues, DWG should try to find collective solutions to address the diverse global development challenges.

Countries conveyed broad support for India's ambition and priorities for the DWG including on the G20 Action Plan on accelerating progress on the SDGs, High-level Principles for LiFE, and Capacity Building Network on Data for Development. Countries appreciated India's efforts in creating the political momentum needed for helping the developing countries at a time when the world is facing multiple crises.

There was consensus on the urgency for multilateral efforts and the key role for the G20 in addressing the contemporary developmental challenges. There was a shared understanding on the need for promoting bold and targeted actions aimed at achieving the development and environment including climate agenda in a balanced manner. There was broad agreement on the need for collective efforts in contributing to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and acceleration of SDGs. Countries also deliberated on data as an enabler for sustainable development, women’s empowerment and their role in achieving holistic development and role of G20 in harnessing opportunities from green transitions that are globally just. India emphasized the need for achieving consensus on these ambitious deliverables.

Delegates, experts from national and international organizations and representatives from think tanks and civil society, also participated in the side-event on 6th April, with panel discussions on data for development, lifestyle for environment, and just green transitions, held on the sidelines of the formal DWG meeting.

During the course of the meeting, delegates also witnessed cultural immersion experiences including traditional performances, dance-forms and local culinary traditions that provided them a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and culinary variety of Kerala. Delegates were also treated to the musical renditions of Swathi Thirunal’s classical compositions.The delegates also had an opportunity to experience the picturesque backwaters through a boat cruise.

9 April 2023, Kumarakom, Kerala