G20 MCWE Closes, Delegates Agree to Join Hands to Support Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Bali (25/08) – The G20 Ministerial Meeting on Women’s Empowerment (MCWE), which was convened since August 24, 2022, has been closed today.

The G20 MCWE discussed three main issues on gender and women empowerment post-Covid-19, namely (1) Economic Aspects of Post-Covid-19 Care: Missed Opportunities in the Labor Market; (2) Closing the Digital Gender Gap: Women’s Participation in the Digital Economy and Future Work; and (3) Women’s Entrepreneurship: Accelerating Equality and Accelerating Recovery.

“Strong commitment from stakeholders, including countries and international organizations is the key to achieve gender equality and empowering women. I am hopeful that even though this conference has closed, our collaboration can be continued further for global goals,” said Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (MoWECP) Bintang Puspayoga during her Closing Remarks session at the G20 MCWE in Bali.

Delegates attended the Conference have expressed great appreciation to the Government of Indonesia for its firm commitment to keep up the gender mainstreaming efforts that have been started during the G20 MWCE Italy Presidency in 2021.

“The Conference brought together Ministers responsible for women empowerment and gender equality from G20 member countries and guest countries, delegations from relevant international organisations as well as representatives from official G20 engagement groups, social partners and alliance. Recommendations from Women20 and G20 Empower Initiative, have also been heard and considered,” said Minister for WECP.

Minister for WECP highlighted that the G20 MCWE participants agreed to strengthen international cooperations and collaborations to exacerbate efforts of empowering women. The Minister also emphasized the important contribution of women entrepreneurs network, at the national and regional levels, in promoting active participation of women in the economy.

“According to the discussions and recommendations, the participants have expressed their supports to increase women’s participation and access to leadership positions, especially as decision makers,” the Minister for WECP stated.

The Minister for WECP further explained a number of areas that require significant investment have been identified. These include investing in high quality, inclusive, and affordable care facilities, digital technology, and MSMEs infrastructure and tools. The development of sex-disaggregated data and domestic policies are also recommended at the G20 MCWE conference.

“Last but not least, to ensure no one is left behind, participants fully support the need to focus on their policies and programs on women and girls, including those with disabilities and in rural areas,” said Minister for WECP.

At the closing session of the event, the Minister for WECP handed over “selendang“, or traditional shawl to the Minister of Women and Children Development of India which symbolically marked the handing over of the G20 Presidency on Women’s Empowerment.

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