Second G20 Framework Working Group (FWG) Meeting in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, March 24-25, 2023

The Second G20 Framework Working Group (FWG) meeting under India’s G20 Presidency is set to take place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on 24-25 March 2023. Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Mr. V Anantha Nageswaran and Ms Clare Lombardelli, Chief Economic Adviser, UK Treasury, will jointly co-chair the meeting. Over 80 delegates from G20 member countries, Invitee Countries, and various International and regional Organizations will participate in this meeting.

The G20 FWG focuses on global macroeconomic issues. Under India’s 2023 G20 Presidency, the Group will be focusing on macroeconomic impacts of food and energy insecurity, climate change and transition pathways. In the Chennai meeting of the FWG, the members will focus on sharing policy experiences on these issues and discuss the way ahead on how FWG discussions can inform the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors who will be meeting in Washington D.C on April 12-13, 2023.

As a prelude to the FWG meeting, the Reserve Bank of India has also been arranging events to make G20 discussions more inclusive and people-centric from March 162023. The Chief Economic Advisor, Dr. Anantha Nageswaran will be engaging with students and faculty of IIT Chennai on March 23, 2023, on  the topic “Reflections on India and the World with special focus on India's 2023 G20 Presidency” . On the sidelines of the G20 FWG meeting, a panel discussion on “Macroeconomic impacts of climate change and transition pathways” will be held on March 25, 2023, in collaboration with the UAE who will be holding the COP-28 Presidency, UAE.

The delegates will also be hosted for ‘இரவுஉணவின்போதுஉரையாடல்’ ‘Ratri Bhoj Par Samvad’ (Conversation over Dinner) to provide an opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu as well as diverse cuisine.