2nd G20 Development Working Group Meeting under Indian Presidency 
Kumarakom, Kerala 

The second day of the formal segment of 2nd Meeting of G20 Development Working Group (DWG) was held today at the KTDC Convention Centre with participation from over 80 delegates from G20 Members, 9 invitee countries, and various international and regional organizations. The sessions were co-chaired by India’s DWG Co-Chairs – Ministry of External Affairs, Joint Secretaries Mr. Nagaraj K. Naidu and Ms Eenam Gambhir.   

Detailed discussions on the priority areas identified by the Indian G20 Presidency for its DWG were held, with the first session of the day focusing on Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE). There were presentations by experts from the UNFCCC, World Bank and International Energy Agency which highlighted how to bridge development and environment agenda through Lifestyle for Environment, financing provisions for greening of the economy and impact of LiFE aligned measure at global level. Countries pointed out the need to enhance interlinkages between the developmental and environmental agenda, by maximizing the synergies and minimizing the tradeoffs in our efforts to achieve both and deliberated on building a common understanding on Lifestyle for Environment.  

In the following sessions, the delegates deliberated on how to strengthen G20 commitment towards achieving the SDGs by recognizing the needs of developing countries and contemporary challenges and how to address those through collaborative and collective G20 actions. Delegates also discussed the need to enhance coordination and partnerships within and outside the G20 - between the Sherpa and Finance Tracks of the G20 and with the UN and International Organisations, to address the developmental challenges facing the world.  Experts from OECD and UNDP presented on the various mechanisms to strengthen coordination and partnerships through collective G20 actions for achieving sustainable development. Recognizing the importance of financing in realizing developing countries’ ambitions for accelerating progress towards SDGs, presentations were made by UNDP on ‘the SDG Stimulus’ highlighting the political and developmental needs for the stimulus to achieve the 2030 Agenda and by OECD on the addressing the bottlenecks faced by developing countries in accessing finance. 

The second day of meeting concluded with the delegates experiencing a Sunset Cruise and the local culture of Kerala.   

8 April 2023, Kumarakom, Kerala