Communications and Informatics Minister Encourages ITF Exhibitors to Improve Services

Bali, August 29, 2022 Prior to attending and directly opening the Fourth Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) Meeting in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate opened the Industrial Task Force (ITF) Digital Transformation Exhibition and visited 12 expo booths.

Johnny was welcomed with explanations from the exhibiting digital platforms about the technological innovations they were presenting. The Minister of Communications and Informatics also talked with the exhibitors while encouraging every digital platform operators to improve their services to the public.

“How many doctors are there in Halodoc? If you have 20 thousand doctors (after hearing the participants’ presentations), what will Halodoc do now after the Covid-19 is over?” asked Johnny to Halodoc at the Mulia Hotel Ballroom, Bali, Monday (August 29).

He asked Halodoc to increase its cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Informatics in the development of telehealth innovations in various regions in conjunction with the development of telecommunications infrastructure.

Meanwhile, The Minister asked PeduliLindungi to increase its security and protection of public’s personal data.

“There are points that must be taken seriously; firstly, personal data protection, it should not be leaked. Secondly, because it (PeduliLindungi) is a public application for health, it should not be developed later for non-health and non-public matters, because it is not in accordance with the definite legal umbrella,” he said.

In addition to Halodoc and PeduliLindungi partners, Johnny also reviewed and heard first-hand explanations of technological innovations presented by Traveloka, Itemku, GoTo, Gatebox Metaverse, Kartu Prakerja (pre-employment card), Bukalapak, Telkom Indonesia, Gudangada, Telkomsel, and Amazon Web Service.

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