Closed, CONNECTI: CITY 2022 Produces Post-Crisis Creative Economy Development Recommendations

Bandung, 15 March 2022 – CONNECTI: CITY 2022 produced several recommendations for efforts to develop the creative economy after the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was revealed at the closing of CONNECTI: CITY “People and the next Economy-Recovering Together” at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung City, Tuesday night,(15/3/2022).

CONNECTI: CITY 2022 itself takes place from March 14-15, 2022, as a series of the Road to the G20 Presidency which focuses on the agenda of strengthening the creative economy sector. The recommendation was delivered by the West Java Regional Secretary Setiawan Wangsaatmaja to the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil who closed the conference.

The resulting recommendations are in line with the three main agendas of the G20 Presidency. They are inclusive health, digital economic transformation, and synergy transition. The recommendations include, among others, that every city or province has a structured creative economy policy so that its development is well coordinated.

“In this activity (related recommendations are generated) global warming issues, pandemics, digital technology, and others,” said Ridwan Kamil.

The result of recommendations are, first, involving informal economy actors, especially UMKM as the main motor driving the creative economy. Second, the creative economy development has a clear standards, so it is necessary to have a creative city index. Third, the digital transformation must be a part of the creative economy development as it has become the main agenda of the G20.

Fourth, create a creative city index. Fifth, digital transformation. Sixth, circular economy. Seventh, regarding local wisdom as Indonesian cultural identity. Governor Ridwan Kamil will deliver those recommendations in the G20 Presidency in August, which is expected to become a global regulation for the development of the creative economy in Indonesia and the world.

It is known that this international conference was attended by 18 foreign speakers, also invited 14 domestic speakers who are experts in the creative economy, including Angela Tanoesoedibjo (Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy), then the support from the British Council of England, and the Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN).

The purpose of CONNECTI: CITY 2022 is to commemorate the momentum of Asian-African solidarity, and the archives of the Asia-Africa Conference as a world heritage by developing national and international creative economic networks to recover the economy.

The development of cooperation, synergy, and collaboration for creative cities and the development of the creative economy in the form of promotion support, innovation, and the capacity of West Java creative business actors to go international through the G20 Indonesia 2022 event.

CONNECTI: CITY 2022 results form networks, collaborations, synergies, and collaborations for the West Java creative economy nationally and internationally, as well as recommendations for creative economic development, especially for countries in the southern part of the world (global south) to the Sherpa G20 Indonesia 2022.

As the province that was selected to host the G20 forum series, West Java is responsible for three agendas. “West Java has three responsibilities for the Urban 20 (U20), Think 20 (T20), and Youth 20 (Y20) agendas. Alhamdulillah U20 has finished well, “he concluded.

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