3rd HWG Meeting Calls for International Support to Improve Research and Manufacturing Capacity

Bali, August 23, 2022 – Serving as chair of the 3rd G20 Health Working Group (HWG3) meeting, the Director General of Pharmaceutical and Health Equipment of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dra. Lucia Rizka Apt, M. Pharm, MARS, said that most delegates consider the support of international organizations to be crucial to improve research and manufacturing capacity during the pandemic.

Dr. Rizka conveyed the matter in the press conference of HWG3 Summary in Bali, on Tuesday (23/8). Several potential collaborations have been identified at the G20 meeting, including global biomanufacturing training centers, collaborative research efforts, data sharing mechanisms, public-private partnerships, as well as research and manufacturing ecosystems.

Dr. Rizka acknowledged the readiness of Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey for partnership with Indonesia. She also invited other G20 members and international organizations to join and actively participate in the partnership.        

“One of the efforts that require global support from international organizations is related to the mission of 100-day vaccine preparedness which includes the important role of funding coordination and technology transfer,” Dr. Rizka said.

Dr. Rizka stated that the first 100 days of vaccine preparedness are very important. However, the ministry needs other sustainable missions beyond those 100 first days.

Preparedness must also be implemented in diagnostic tools, therapeutic measures, and their connections to One Health.

The involvement of the private sector is needed in relation to technology transfer. Lower-middle income countries should provide their proactive contributions to this mission.

Another effort that requires the support of international organizations is the global expansion of vaccine, therapeutics, and diagnostics (VTD) manufacturing and research.

International organizations have established platforms and networks that allow faster access to vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics (VTD) for the pandemic.

“The existing platforms and networks can serve as the foundation for building a connected global platform,” said Dr. Rizka.

There is a need for increased investment, and increased coordination between the health sector and financial sector to support the VTD.

“Several delegates from the 3rd HWG meeting highlighted the importance of harmonizing regulations to support the improvement of research and production. Approvals and regulations must be accelerated,” Dr. Rizka said.

More detailed discussions related to increasing research and manufacturing capacity related to vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics will be held at a technical meeting before the 2nd G20 Health Ministerial Meeting (HMM) in October 2022.

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