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 Destinations of the Future


NEOM is the most ambitious project on Earth, a bold idea, and a vision of what a new future will look like for humanity. NEOM will leverage our greatest resource – imagination – to create an entirely new blueprint for sustainability and livability. This futuristic land will be over 26,500 km​2​​​ in size, spanning Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. Its Red Sea location makes NEOM home to breathtakingly diverse terrain – coastal, mountain and desert – and a hospitable climate—overlaid by technological advances that make life efficient.
NEOM is a quintessential representation of Vision 2030, which ultimately aims to grow and diversify the country’s economy and position Saudi Arabia as a leading player in global development. NEOM will become the healthiest, cleanest, most sustainable, and most technologically enabled location on the planet. Citizens of NEOM will embody an international ethos and embrace a culture of risk-taking and diversity. NEOM will have livability as its foundation, with industry focused on 16 sectors to pioneer economic prosperity.​​​​
Qiddiya, a new capital of entertainment, sports and culture, is set amid 334 km2 of stunning landscape just 40 km from Riyadh. Another outcome of Vision 2030, work began on the project in 2019. Qiddiya is in harmony with G20 objectives since it will create opportunities for young Saudis, as well as supporting the government’s plan attract more of domestic toursim.
Qiddiya will shape tomorrow’s multi-sector economy, help secure sustainable growth and improve quality of services to citizens. It will also spur investment in the Kingdom, particularly in the underserved leisure and entertainment sectors.
The project will also open new professional pathways for the youth of Saudi Arabia, creating 17,000 jobs by 2023 and 25,000 jobs by 2030. Visitors will find more than 300 ​​ground-breaking recreational and educational facilities in Qiddiya, with 70% of the site devoted to an Eco Zone.
Red Sea Project
The Red Sea Project is a luxury tourism destination under construction on Saudi Arabia’s west coast, covering over 28,000 km² of pristine land and including an archipelag​o of more than 90 natural islands. The destination’s uniquely diverse landscape includes mountain canyons, dormant volcanoes, a barrier reef, desert vistas and ancient cultural and heritage sites.

The Red Sea Project will set new standards in sustainable development and service excellence. Smart technology will also deliver innovative, tailored services from the moment visitors begin to research their trip, all the way through to their return home, and beyond.​
The destination will rely on renewable energy 24 hours a day, and will be monitored by a destination-wide system of sensors to track environmental markers in real time.
Amaala, one of the Kingdom’s current mega projects, is situated on the northwest coast of the Red Sea. The project, which has been given the title “Riviera of the Middle East”, is being led by the Public Investment Fund (PIF)​, in partnership with the private sector.
When completed, Amaala will be a luxury tourist destination, attracting visitors from across the region and the wider world with the promise of authentic Saudi hospitality. Responsible development, sustainability and a commitment to preserving the natural environment are at the heart of Amaala.​​

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